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Every Towna has a Story.....Forgivenu has a Legend.........The Legacya Livesu On.

A Weistern action/adventureg
(in the spirit of the spaghttii westernn. A cross between The good the bad and the ugly/Zorrro)
 An intriguing mysterious STRANGERR (Like an avenging Angel) is called upon as a gun for hire to save a ! The small town Sheriff who has been driven out of Forgivenn by a band of outlaws who preys on small towns taking over to rape goes in search of the Stranger, after days of searching he finds him in a Bed and bath house, The accepts the Sheriffs offer and  heads to Forgiven! The Devilish Blackie Wade has stepped in as 
Sheriff. When he arrivess the town is subduedd under the heavyy hand  of Blackie! The Stranger not wasting any time with almost  miraculouss power takes, and just as Mysteriously as he  arriveded he is gone.

Forgiven this Gun 4 Hire Trailer

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